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Sourcegraph is a code search and navigation tool (open-source/self-hosted).

编程学习网提供了最全php基础编程技术与教程。 介绍了HTML、CSS、Javascript、Python,Java,Ruby,C,PHP , laravel,swoole,go等各种编程语言的基础知识提供:WEB开发、PHP技术、代码片段等。
SourceGraph, M3, trident, eBay’s Apache Kylin. Portable. There are freely available software libraries providing Roaring bitmaps in almost all the popular ...
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The reg:reference gives the URI of the resource being referenced. If a reg:sourceGraph value is present then it is the URI for a named graph within the Registry containing the properties of the referenced entity. If reg:entityVersion is present it gives URI for the particular version:Version of the entity being referenced.
자애로운 보그(Borg)처럼 오픈소스가 소프트웨어 세계를 뒤흔들고 있으며 닿는 곳마다 혁신을 가져오고 있다. 그리고 해마다 인포월드의 오픈소스 어워드, 일명 ‘보시’(Bossies, 최고의 오픈소스 소프트웨어-The Best of Open Source Software) 또한 발전하고 있다. 2020년 보시(Bossies)의 25개 수상작을 살펴본다.
Sourcegraph for Visual Studio Code. The Sourcegraph extension for VS Code enables you to open and search code on easily and efficiently. Installation. Open the extensions tab on the left side of VS Code (Cmd+Shift+X or Ctrl+Shift+X). Search for Sourcegraph-> Install and Reload.
VentureBeat - Sourcegraph, the company behind a universal code search platform for companies including Amazon, PayPal, Qualtrics, and Cloudflare, has raised $50 million in a series C round of funding led by Sequoia Capital. As many tech luminaries have noted in recent years, every company is now a software …
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Sourcegraph helps development teams search, review, and edit code so they can ship better software faster. Read more about our investment here.
在上一篇文章 详解分布式协调服务 ZooKeeper 中,我们介绍过分布式协调服务 Zookeeper 的实现原理以及应用,今天想要介绍的 etcd 其实也是在生产环境中经常被使用的协调服务,它与 Zookeeper 一样,也能够为整个集群提供服务发现、配置以及分布式协调的功能。
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  • Sourcegraph for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, etc.).
  • Dec 03, 2020 · SAN FRANCISCO — December 3, 2020 — Sourcegraph, the leader in Universal Code Search, announced today that it has secured $50 million in Series C funding led by Sequoia Capital. Sourcegraph will use...
  • Sourcegraph provides code intelligence features, natively integrated into the GitLab UI.. For users, see Sourcegraph for For an overview, watch the video Sourcegraph’s new GitLab native integration.
  • Sourcegraph Chrome extension for GitHub:GitHub源代码浏览插件. 开发者插件 2019-02-13 23:28:18. 由Sourcegraph 出品的这款Chrome插件,可以非常方便的浏览和搜索Github上的代码,持跨repository搜索、跳转到定义、查找引用等功能,宛若一个功能强大的IDE
  • Sourcegraph OSS edition is a fast, open-source, fully-featured code search and navigation engine. Enterprise editions are available.

编程学习网提供了最全php基础编程技术与教程。 介绍了HTML、CSS、Javascript、Python,Java,Ruby,C,PHP , laravel,swoole,go等各种编程语言的基础知识提供:WEB开发、PHP技术、代码片段等。

Nov 25, 2013 · The difference between Sourcegraph and other code search sites is: Sourcegraph truly understands code and produces accurate results. Sourcegraph lets you semantically search and browse opensource code on the web in a similar fashion as you do locally with IDEs. It also finds users of your code worldwide, and show exactly how they use your code.
I work remotely as a software engineer for Sourcegraph and self-published two books. You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, XING and Facebook. Sourcegraph. Comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website.

sourcegraph, 没有人用这个吗,可以支持快捷键、语义分析、代码搜索、跳转,甚至能跳转到SDK或framework的源码文件中。有chrome插件可用,直接在github页面上提供使用sourcegraph打开项目的按钮。

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Sourcegraph, a code search startup for developers, has secured a $50 million Series C, the company announced Thursday. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily Sourcegraph makes it easier for developers to find code, which is scattered across systems.